Suzette Gabriel-Schoebitz


Born in New York City to a French father and Norwegian-Lao mother, I grew up in America, Japan and France. 


I began a dream career as a classical ballet dancer when I joined the world renown Stuttgart Ballet under the direction of Marcia Haydee. I traveled the world performing on the famed stages of the world and was fortunate to have been able to work with many 'Dance Legends' of my time. I finished my career in Switzerland after working with the choreographer Uwe Scholz in Zurich and finally performing and as Ballett Mistress with Francois Klaus directing the Bern Ballet.

I taught classical ballet in professional ballet schools in Switzerland and Germany as well as formed my own training, 'Body Awareness' classes for all levels. 

Studying jewelry making in Zurich, Switzerland I received a recognition from the Academy of Art in Munich, Germany and in 1994 launched a successful jewelry label, „Suzette, One of a Kind Jewelry“ where I design, produce, and sell my ’one of a kind’ pieces from my studio in Munich.  


My collections are available in boutiques and shown in exhibitions and fashion shows around the world. 

My designs are influenced by the esthetics acquired from years on the stage, my love of nature, as well as from my mixed cultural background. I use elements that inspire me collected on my journeys around the world and have been working closely for years in Jaipur creating stones necessary for my designs.. 

When my sons left home, I began to look for ways to get involved more concretely in helping our world through projects in Asia and I am really energised having new found goals in my life. Read more here under Philanthrophy.



Suzette Gabriel-Schoebitz

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 Luang Prabang, PDR Laos  tel: +856 (0) 20 56 83 42 01

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